23 Years of Supporting Relationships

Changing Futures acknowledge and truly understand the complexities Local Authorities can have when implementing and maintaining programmes such as Reducing Parental Conflict. The flexibility and relational approach Changing Futures has when building strong working relationships has been warmly welcomed and an asset to the RPC work currently ongoing.....The training provided is always high quality, the workforce feedback shows that the knowledge of facilitators is in depth, allowing reflection, time to think and challenge.

Reducing Parental Conflict Lead, North East Local Authority

92% of attendes rated the training subject knowledge outstanding

92% found the way the trainer checked in on their understanding of the different subjects outstanding.


74% of course attendees felt inspired to learn new things post the training to further improve how they can support families with parental conflict.

I found the course very helpful, interesting and informative! It was full of topics that I’d not covered before. In my everyday practice I will be able to implement strategies in support families and parents in conflict.

James, social worker


Working together we can meet the needs of local families. Helping your organisation develop the capacity of your workforce by increasing confidence, experience and by helping adapt the systems that support RPC practice.


I found the 4 theories covered in the training: mentalization, development, systemic and attachment all very interesting and I recgonise where I can apply them t my day to day work when working with parents through things like completing assessment and therapy.

Joanne, social worker