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Relational focused training that transforms your workforces, families, and futures.

Almost 25 years’ experience of supporting communities of people to develop good, healthy relationships that improves outcomes for children and their families. Reducing parental conflict work is a complex area to tackle, we’ll give you practical training, skills and interventions that can be implemented in everyday practice for your teams and services.

The course has increased my confidence to work with parents and professionals to help them see each others points of view. We deal with lots of conflict between parents and professional and this course has helped me to understand how to work with them to get to work together and take into accounts what is in their heads and their hearts.”

Becky, Social Worker

Programmes for Local Authorities implementing the Reducing Parental Conflict and Family Hub Agendas

Access training and support that fits your teams needs.

We want to support your team in the most productive way possible, whether its through online or in person we have models that develop your skills to sustain and implement new practice that can help families. Our tiered level training programmes are for local authorities to fund using the DWP Workforce Development Grant, enabling skill development that specifically fits your team learning needs.

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Why Organisations Choose to Work with us

We are so proud to have supported a variety of people in different roles to develop their practice when working with families stuckin on conflict. Here’s what they have said about us

"The trainers were so interactive, there was so much information given! I learned how to ask questions that better help me understand family dynamics and history.”
Ben, social worker


Rated our RPC trainers knowledge oustanding

“The RPC course has helped me in my everyday practice, I will be able to implement strategy’s to support parents I conflict”
Becky, Social worker