Level 3

Advanced Practice Work With Couples

The Moving On Couples Intervention

Moving On is highly effective with families who are stuck in conflict; it helps them to develop better and healthier ways of relating and managing conflict. An intervention for separated parents or those who are together in a relationship that utilises the voice of the child to enable change and reduce parental conflict. The 9 session couples programme can also suitable for other adults with caring responsibilities for children i.e. Grandparents

Our training in this intervention will help your staff support couples locked in moderate to high intensity conflict and ( where appropriate) to feed children’s voices into the couples work process to help catalyse change.

This effective programme was positively externally evaluated.

  • 90% of participants have improved awareness of children’s needs
  • 71% of participants had a reduction in co-parental conflict
  • 76% of participants had an improved co-parental relationship

What does this look like for staff delivering the model?

It involves working with parents individually, together, and separate work with children impacted by parental conflict. Children’s sessions help them to express their feelings and thoughts. If they would like you to feed this back to parents, you will then do so to motivate change. The intervention enables collaboration between parents through helping them to see others’ perspectives and see aspects of their communication through their child’s eyes.

Suitable for: Direct entry for practitioners with high level experience of couples work, groupwork, reducing parental conflict work. Otherwise suitable for practitioners who’ve completed our relationship practice framework training.

Features & Costs

  • 4 days training
  • Fortnightly practice in the model supervision sessions for 6 months ( 4 per group)
  • Session with managers to help embed practice
  • £800 per person for minimum group sixe of 12 ( total £9,000). This includes 6 months fortnightly supervision for groups of 4
  • Extra 12 session blocks of practice supervision can be purchased for £3000 for a group of 4 ( can be used weekly, fortnightly or monthly).



To speak to our team about our training offer or how we can work together to make something more customised to your needs contact Martin on 01429 891 444 or martin.todd@changingfuturesne.co.uk