RPC Training & Support Packages

Helping Your Team Reduce Parental Conflict

Programmes for local authorities using the DWP Workforce Development Grant

Our expertise can support Local Authorities through a range of training packages alongside more bespoke pieces of work customised to your teams specifics needs. We’ve produced really useful multi session training models alongside smaller learning modules that can support the frontline workforce make a real difference in their everyday practice in particular when it comes to parental conflict. We’ll help you sustain these new approaches to working with families that will ultimately change the everyday reality for the families in your community

Pyramid of levels


Our experienced team provides a tiered offer across 3 levels, ensuring every team no matter where they are in their journey to reducing parental conflict in their community can help families. Download details about our training over below.


Level 3 - Advanced Practice with Couples

Our Level 3 reducing parental conflict intervention, Moving On works with couples and introduces the voice of the child through 1:1 and groupwork to help parents understand the child’s perspective which acts as a catalyst for change.

We will help your staff support couples locked in moderate to high intensity conflict and (where appropriate) to feed children’s voices into the couples work progress. This 9 session programme is suitable for parents who are together or separated as well as other figures with parenting roles.

Suitable for:

Direct entry for practitioners with high level of experience of couples work or reducing parental conflict work. Otherwise suitable for practitioners who’ve completed our relational practice frame work training.

Level 2

Level 2 compromises of an in depth practice model and the opportunity to build a bespoke package a collaborative approach.

A practice model that helps equip your team with the skills and knowledge to work with parental conflict in everyday practice, including work with low level conflict. Training alongside model consultation sessions supporting the development of practice and confidence of practitioners working relationally. Core areas include -

  • Systemic practice
  • mentalizing stance
  • Developmental frame
  • attachment informed

Suitable for:

Family Support Workers, others with a direct practice role with families. 

Consultancy and Bespoke Support for your Local RPC Offer

Our extensive practical experience of working with parental conflict means we understand the opportunities and challenges it brings for individuals, families, teams and services. Embedding RPC in a way that suits your local context is key to effective change that benefits families.

Level 1 - Introduction To & Awareness Raising

Delivered online or in-person these short workshops develop practice, introduce new approaches and support teams to implement new thinking and ways of working into their everyday work with families.

With topics ranging from how to better include Dads in relationship work to introductory sessions to parental conflict, there is a workshop that will suit your workforce needs.

“I had such an interesting day learning new skills as well as new things about myself! It was really interactive and helped me think about how I can ask more about family dynamics and history.” Hannah, social worker


To speak to our team about our training offer or how we can work together to make something more customised to your needs contact Martin on 01429 891 444 or martin.todd@changingfuturesne.co.uk