Level 1

Awareness raising and learning programmes for front line staff

Workshops that develop your practise and introduce new approaches

Delivered in person or online our short learning programmes ensure practise development and introduction of new approaches to reduce parental conflict. Our learning programmes enable your team to take our knowledge and implement into their day to day work with families to tackle parental conflict.

“It helped me to think about when I am working with parental conflict that I will aim to listen to both, validating both their feelings but also allowing for mentalizing.” Rebecca, course attendee

We offer a range of introductory and raising awareness programmes as detailed below. Alongside these workshop we can also at your request develop bespoke briefings and workshops to meet your needs.


Introduction to parental conflict, it’s importance and the impact on children

  • Understanding parental conflict
  • The impact of parental conflict on children
  • Responding to signs of parental conflict in chlidren


Working with separated families, tips and tools from practice.

  • Understanding separation and its impact
  • Tips and tools from practice-staying child focused whilst remaining neutral


Thinking about Dads-engaging men in relationship work

  • Understanding the importance of Dads’
  • Identifying barriers and how to remove them to support dads’ engagement in relationship interventions.


Identifying and responding to domestic abuse and parental conflict

  • Identifying and understanding the difference between domestic abuse and parental conflict.
  • Responding to domestic abuse and parental conflict
  • Using tools as a way of exploring the relationship and possible abuse
  • Practising safely when working with couples.


Features & Costs

  • £1000 for a half day workshop ( in person, max 60 people)
  • £800 digitally ( max 50 people)
  • £400 for a condensed 90 minute briefing (digital only)
  • 1 day workshop, 2 trainers, £2000 ( max 20 people)


To speak to our team about the Moving On intervention contact Martin on 01429 891 444 or martin.todd@chaningfuturesne.co.uk