Level 2 - Changing Futures with Families

Training your team in a practise model that equips them with the skills and knowledge to work with parental conflict in everyday practice.

Building the abilities within your team alongside time-bound model consultation sessions supporting the development of practise and confidence of practitioners working relationally.


Core Areas Include…

Systemic Practice

Paying attention to the important relationships within the family and wider network. Being able to identify and describe current stressors on the parent’s relationship. Understanding the support systems that are helpful/ unhelpful. Being able to identify the families strengths and difficulties within a context that considers Social Graces..

Developmental Frame

Consideration of the impact of presenting difficulties may be having on all children’s development. Being able to recognise the impact of parental conflict for children across the age range and support parents to address any developmental risks

Mentalizing Stance

Focusing on helping parents to understand mental states in themselves and their partner which contribute to the relational patterns which result in conflict. Helping parents to regulate themselves better when under stress. Supporting parents to understand te impact their children may be having on their children and help parents to manage this differently

Attachment Informed

Considering inter-generational attachment histories of both parents and their children and their impact on the current presenting difficulties. Helping parents to think about how their individual relationship patterns are being helpful/unhelpful.

Features & Costs

Direct Training Model

  • 2 days initial training
  • 2 days follow up
  • 6 practice supervision groups ( every 6-8 weeks)
  • £578 per person for group of 20+ people
  • Starting at £11,560

Train the Trainer Model

  • 4 days initial training
  • 2 days follow-up
  • 6 practise supervision groups (every 6-8 weeks)
  • £806 per person for a group of 18
  • Total - £14,508

Extra 12 session blocks of practise supervision can be purchased for £3000 for a group of 4 ( can be used weekly, fortnightly or monthly)


To speak to our team about our training offer or how we can work together to make something more customised to your needs contact Martin on 01429 891 444 or martin.todd@changingfuturesne.co.uk