Training Sessions

Training that provides practical skills that can be used in everyday work with families.


LEVEL 3 TRAINING-Advanced Practice with Couples

‘Moving On’ is a 9 session couples programme that is suitable for parents who are together and those who are separated. It’s an effective programme that was positively externally evaluated. Involving working with parents it incorporates the child’s voice as a catalyst for change whilst helping parents to collaborate through better communication.

Our training develops the skills in your workforce so that they can work confidently with couples locked in moderate to high intensity conflict.

  • 4 days training
  • Fortnightly in the model supervision sessions for 6 months (4 per group)
  • Session with managers to help embed practice
  • £800 per person for minimum group size of 12 (total £9,600) includes 6 months fortnightly supervisions for groups of 4
  • Extra 12 sessions blocks of practice supervision can be purchased for £3000 for a group of 4

You can find more detailed information about our Level 1 training here.


Reducing parental conflict can be tough for families as well as those helping them. It can feel challenging to begin to work with parents in conflict that’s why all our training equip teams with the skills to address conflict at a suitable level for their needs.

Whether you are interested in a level of our tiered training package or looking for something more bespoke to your needs, together we can tackle parental conflict to improve outcomes for all families.

Download a full overview of all our training packages here, perfect to take to team meetings.


LEVEL 2 TRAINING- Building Skills and Embedding

Changing futures with families is a relational practice framework. Our practice model helps equip practitioners with the skills and knowledge to work with parental conflict in everyday practice, including work with low level conflict. We combine training with time-bound model consultation sessions supporting the development of practice and confidence working relationally. You can find out more about the core areas covered here. Suitable for

  • 2 days initial training
  • 1/2 day follow up
  • 6 practice supervision groups (every 6-8 weeks)
  • £578 per person for a group of 20+ - starting at £11,560

  • 4 days initial training
  • 2 days follow-up
  • 6 practise supervision groups ( every 6-8 weeks)
  • £806 per person for a group of 18 – Total £14,508


You can find more detail information about our Level 2 here.


LEVEL 1 -TRAINING- Entry level Awareness Raising

Awareness raising and learning programmes for frontline staff. A series of short digital or in person workshops that enable learning about new topics and encourage thinking about how it can be applied I practise. Suitable for

  • Understanding parental conflict
  • The impact of parental conflict on children
  • Responding to signs of parents conflict in children

  • Understanding separation and its impact
  • Tips and tools from practice-staying child focused whilst remaining neutral

  • Understanding the importance of Dads
  • Identifying barriers and how to remove them to support dads’ engagement in relationship interventions

  •  Identifying and understanding the difference between domestic abuse and parental conflict
  • Responding to a domestic abuse and parental conflict
  • Using tools as a way of exploring the relationship and any possible abuse
  • Practising safely when working with couples

  • £1000 for a half day workshop (in person max 60 people)
  • £800 digitally (max 50 people)
  • £400 for a condensed 90 minute briefing (digital only)
  • 1 day workshop, 2 trainers, £2000 (max 20 people)